Meet amazing experts and professionals in tech

Learn about pathways into tech — opportunities and overcoming barriers!

These are some of my absolutely favorite people – startup founders, intrapreneurs, leaders in diversity and inclusion in tech — and all are amazing inclusive leaders.

By signing up for this class you will have the chance to have an intimate fireside chat and AMA with these amazing tech leaders. Learn about their career pathways and advice for under-represented folks in tech.

This course offers career discovery, inspiration, and practical tips on getting a job in tech. It opens the door to resources to expand your professional networking and to support making your innovative ideas come to life.

In this challenging time, this will be the most uplifting and valuable course — all remote and a supportive peer community aligned on using tech to make the world better.

EECS 98:
Opportunities and Barriers:
Identifying Pathways into Tech

Fall 2020 Decal Course

The course meets Tuesdays starting September 1st from 6–7:30pm on Zoom. This is a 1 or 2 unit course. Enroll in this course by adding Class #27775 to your schedule!

Learn more and fill out an interest form now to sign up. All majors and identities are encouraged to join! Space is limited since we want an interactive experience. Designed and run by your talented student peers — Rachel Ng, Nseke Ngilbus, Erin Kraemer.

Expanding Diversity and Gender Equity in Tech (EDGE in Tech) Initiative @ UC | CITRIS & the Banatao Institute + Berkeley Engineering